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Why and How YouTubers Use Jump Cuts and Remove Silence in Videos

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

As a current or aspiring YouTuber, you’ve probably spent tons of time watching all sorts of videos on YouTube (and other platforms) to get an idea of current trends. Being knowledgeable about the other content out there can give you a leg up on the competition when it comes to creating content that your viewers can’t wait to see.

One thing that you might notice is that all those other YouTubers out there seem to have perfect videos without any awkward silences. For someone who is starting out with video content, it might seem like everyone else has every line down while you don’t.

You may not know that everyone makes mistakes, but the most engaging YouTubers know how to handle those issues.

Pauses Take Viewers Out of Immersion

Maybe you’ve also seen other videos where the person reporting or speaking has awkward pauses throughout the video. Often, viewers will click away from that content since it’s not engaging enough. It can pull you out of the moment and make it hard to focus on the entertainment or information the video is trying to spread.

YouTubers worldwide edit their videos to remove these seconds of silence to ensure people enjoy their content. There’s nobody on the planet who doesn’t flub a line or get caught up in their thoughts when filming, even if it’s only occasional.

If you want your content to knock the socks off of people, it has to show that you cared enough to do the best you could do. One of the criteria there is removing frames that viewers won’t gain anything from. Whether it’s an awkward pause or (changing camera angles), those things need to be removed before the upload button is hit.

Jump Cuts Add Additional Professionalism

Another thing that is common with videos by YouTubers is something called a jump cut. These can be used for all sorts of things, ranging from making objects disappear and come back, creating a certain mood, and adding comedic timing. However, the main reason that the most creative YouTubers use jump cuts is to remove pauses, delete extra words like “uhm” and “uhh,” and ensure viewers are focused on the best footage that was taken.

Most people on YouTube don’t have enormous budgets for several video cameras, and the jump cut can help in that regard. Jump cuts give content creators the chance to shoot from multiple angles, cover cuts with b-roll, and much more. YouTubers who want to have a conversational, off-the-cuff tone can implement jump cuts to remove mistakes made while filming.

The Best Moments to Utilize Jump Cuts

So, you probably understand at this point why jump cuts are a staple of the YouTube world. But you might be wondering reasons to use them yourself. Jump cuts are a great option to remove silences, edit out long-winded explanations or conversations, and delete repeated words or phrases. Once you have the hang of that, you’re likely to find all sorts of other reasons to use this editing tool that’s in your arsenal.

Editing videos for hours on end can be frustrating, but there’s a better solution. When you use Wisecut, automatic jump cuts can be utilized to get rid of moments where you’re gathering your thoughts or taking a break from speaking. Wisecut will even create automatic punch-in effects for a more organic transition between cuts.

If you’re ready to create the most engaging content possible, give it a shot now and see what it can do!

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