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Introducing Auto Punch In/Out

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

You already know that removing pauses and awkward silences are supposed to maintain the flow of a video and keep your audience engaged. Removing these pauses results in what’s known as a jump cut. A jump cut is a sudden cut between two sequential shots of the same subject from a stationary camera angle that makes the subject appear to “jump” in frame.

This editing technique is very popular among YouTubers because it doesn't require multiple cameras and is an expedient way of maintaining an engaging pace.

But what if you could make it look like there was a second camera? That’s where Wisecut’s Auto Punch In comes into play.

Wisecut is set to “punch in” and “punch out” automatically. In other words, Wisecut will scale up some shots to create the illusion of an additional camera within closer range. Then, in the following scene, Wisecut will scale back the shot to its original dimensions, giving the impression that you have returned to the wide-range camera. This widely used technique ensures that cuts or jump cuts have a more organic flow while using one camera.

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