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Introducing the new Wisecut!

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

Wisecut Beta was good, but we're aiming for excellence!

We just launched a beautiful new Wisecut for you. It's another step in our master plan to empower content creators.

Here are some of the improvements for your content creation arsenal:

1. Drag-To-Reorder

Simply drag the scenes to re-order your story.

2. Full Video & Text Integration

The storyboard text is now 100% linked to the video. You can follow the video by reading the lines in the storyboard, similar in style to karaoke. And when you click on a text line it goes directly to that part of the video, making it easy to find and edit the content video.

3. Youtube Integration

Wisecut is now integrated with YouTube, so you can export your Wisecut video directly to YouTube. No need to download and upload it again.

With this major update, we're bringing it all together along with the groundbreaking features you already know -- Auto Cut Silences, Auto Background Music, and Auto Subtitles. You wanted speed and performance? You got it. You wanted a sleeker, more intuitive user experience? You got it!

Stay tuned as we will launch new features in the coming weeks that we know you are going to love!


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