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Turn long videos into shorts automatically

I’m thrilled to introduce you to Wisecut AI, the next evolution in video editing that’s about to change the game for creators everywhere!

Wisecut AI is your go-to tool for transforming long videos into engaging, shareable shorts. With just a simple upload or a link, our AI dives into your content, selecting the most impactful moments to highlight. It’s like having a personal editor who knows exactly what will resonate with your audience.

Here’s what makes Wisecut AI stand out:

  • ✨ AI-Powered Highlights: Our AI sifts through your footage to find those viral-worthy snippets.

  • 📝 SEO-Optimized Copywriting: Boost your content’s visibility with AI-generated descriptions that hit the SEO's sweet spot.

  • 🔍 Scene Search: Looking for something specific? Just type in a keyword, and voilà!

  • 💵 Full Video Leverage: Keep the full narrative intact while our AI trims the silences, ensuring a smooth viewing experience while monetizing on YouTube.

  • 🎬 AI Storyboard: For edits that require a personal touch, our proprietary AI storyboard is at your service.

  • ⭐️ Auto-Enhancements: From cutting silences to adding dynamic punch-ins and smart background music, we’ve got you covered.

  • 🌐 Global Audience: Subtitles and translations? Consider it done.

We’ve been pioneering Speech-to-text AI-driven video editing since 2019, learning and innovating every step of the way. This month, we made it again and we can’t wait to hear your thoughts and feedback. To try Wisecut for free click the button below.

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