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How Generative AI Will Supercharge Creation

Updated: Nov 1, 2023

(Image created by AI)

The buzz is real. Generative AI is here, and it’s already disrupting many industries like art, copywriting, and—you guessed it—video creation!

For the past three years, Wisecut has been building the foundation for what’s to come with the Generative AI possibilities for video content creation. At the bottom of this page, you can learn more about Wisecut and how we leverage AI and speech recognition to edit videos automatically. Video creation will never be the same, thanks to Generative AI. But what is it?

Generative AI Explained

Generative AI is a type of machine learning through which computers can generate original new content in response to user inputs. It does this by learning the style and content of existing data to create new data in a similar style. For example, a generative AI system could be trained on a dataset of images of human faces to generate realistic human faces that have never been seen before. You will find this technology in various industries, like gaming and copywriting—in fact, parts of this article were written with AI. For example, Microsoft Flight Simulator enables players to fly around the entire Earth, all 197 million square miles of it. How did Microsoft build such a massive game? By letting AI do it! The company partnered with and trained an AI to generate a photorealistic 3D world from 2D satellite images.

As generative AI develops, it will likely have an even bigger impact across many industries, from fashion to food. Generative AI could create new designs for clothes or come up with new flavor combinations for dishes. Here’s a video listing several industries that can be impacted by generative AI, including healthcare.

What Does This Mean for Video Creation and Wisecut?

As a serial entrepreneur, I’m excited to be at the center of things. I’ve dedicated my life to creating startups and videos, and now I can create more impact by doing both.

At Wisecut, we’ve always believed AI will change how people interact with technology, allowing users to hone their creativity while machines do the tedious and repetitive work. We also believe AI must solve real problems. I started Wisecut three years ago because I was managing ten video editors to edit three hundred hours of video content. It was a nightmare, even for professionals! Fast forward to 2022, when 82% of the internet traffic is in video format, and there are now 200 million creators. Video is rapidly becoming the language not only of culture but also of business. We’re creating more, capturing more, and sharing more than ever, but little has been done to make it easier to turn all this content into great videos.

We’re building an ecosystem of tools that will enable anyone, regardless of skills or experience, to edit video content using AI. We see our customers as the directors of their content. And because we use the voice as the main driver for editing, we will soon transition to a voice command interface. Thus, the creator will ultimately become the narrator.

There’s been a cultural shift in how people watch videos and streaming services algorithms operate. I recently posted an article explaining why you should be leveraging short videos. At Wisecut, we’ve been focusing on creating the smartest AI video cutter and assembler—hence the name. With the advances of AI, Wisecut will take your voice and words much further. Stay tuned!


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